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2011 Peru Orchard Project

Hey there,

Wish you could be part of an adventure like the FullCircle Project?  You totally can.  In fact, when the people of Maras named me ‘godfather’ of the orchard, they made me promise that I would come back and bring more people to help them with their project.  I am determined to come through on that promise, so I hope you’re interested.

We can connect you with the same families with whom we stayed, as well as the Project Directors in Maras.  All you need to do is send an email to, with the following information:

  • proposed dates of your stay in Maras
  • names and passport numbers of all members of your party
  • airline reservations if you already have them
  • a short blurb explaining your experience and why you want to do this
  • a summary of your linguistic abilities: does anyone speak Spanish?  (Realistically, FullCircle will not be able to provide an interpreter for your entire stay)

In exchange for these arrangements, the FullCircle Project asks you to donate $50 per participant in order to sustain our efforts.  You are not paying us to set this up for you; I will happily do that for free in order to fulfill my duties as Orchard Godfather.  However, we do think it is important to have your buy-in so that we can continue to invest in small mountain communities that are working to better their circumstances.  Furthermore, your donation officially makes you part of the FCP team, and gets you bragging rights.

Once the FullCircle Project receives your information and your donation, we will arrange home-stay accommodations with the people of Maras for the dates indicated.  We can also arrange transport Cusco – Maras if you so desire.  You will receive contact information for a) the president of the rural tourism association b) the orchard supervisor c) a FCP affiliate who can meet you in Cusco if necessary, as well as a suggested packing list and some tips for a successful work experience in Maras.  Be aware that your $50 donation does not cover these costs; you will pay for these items while in-country.  Your FCP donation will fund ongoing and future projects.

I’m happy that you want to join us in our effort.  I see The FullCircle Project as part of a global awakening of conscience. And rather than placing blame for the problems that plague our world today, we want to be part of innovative solutions and movements for change.  For me it is inspiring to work with these athletes and artists who are finding new ways to utilize their talents and resources for a greater good.  I think I speak for the whole crew when I say, we’re glad to have you on the team.


Caleb R. Braley

Project Director

Orchard Godfather


2010 Chile Project

In July of 2010 we helped construct a kindergarten in a temporary housing camp alongside volunteers from an organization called Un Techo Para Mi País, which translates to “A Roof for my Country”.  This non-governmental organization was started in Chile in 1997 and has since spread to 18 other Latin American countries.  Un Techo Para Mi País focuses on improving the quality of life of impoverished families through transitional housing and social inclusion programs.  Un Techo shifted it’s focus to disaster relief in response to the February 2010 earthquake and tsunami.  As of May 28th, 2010, Un Techo had constructed more than 6,000 emergency houses in areas affected by the disaster.

Despite the encouraging progress of construction, thousands of displaced Chilean families are still without a roof and await placement in emergency housing that has yet to be built.  Un Techo can use your help.

Check out for information on helping out in Chile.

Check out for information on helping in other Latin American countries.

These websites are in Spanish, and volunteering requires some basic knowledge of the language.  If you would like help getting connected, please feel free to email The FullCircle Project team @  We would be more than happy to assist you in your efforts to give back.



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