21 Aug 2010, Posted by Aidan in Episodes,Posts,Video, 8 Comments

Episode 1: “El Inicio”

Here is the first installment of three, covering The FullCircle Project’s trip in Chile. “El Inicio” gives a glimpse into the work we did the first 10 days of our trip down here. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned as we are currently up in Nevados de Chillan getting footage of our athletes doing what they do best on snow.

- The FullCircle Team

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August 21, 2010 10:02 am

Gregg McClellan

I am very impressed. A great project and wonderful story telling. I can’t wait to see the next episode. Well done.

August 21, 2010 12:07 pm

Jeff Wilson

Impressive fellas, cheers all around! Great edit, great music, great effort. Love the stilts…

August 22, 2010 2:37 am

Leslie Kinson

Boys Boys you are so talented and wonderful! I feel so proud to call you my friends and brag about you here in NZ! All my love, xoxo

August 22, 2010 6:44 am


Very nice work! Looking forward to #2.

August 24, 2010 8:09 am

Randy Bourne

Good work guys- hope the kids are back in school.

August 27, 2010 3:11 am

Liz Tolan

Felicidades hermanos. Many laughs, congrats, whistles and cheers. Great edit for the first bit. Can’t wait to see more!

August 29, 2010 7:03 am

christian loubek

props to you all! what a great and worthwhile adventure. sign me up, I want to come help next year!


August 31, 2010 11:10 am


amigos les quedo muy bonito. me siento orgullosa de ustedes, yo seguiré trabajando y ustedes seguirán sus vidas ojala el destino nos encuentre algún dia =D
muchos besos
su amiga verde que los quiere mucho =D

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